About Us

Springs of Hope Co-Founders

Larry and Juanita Matthews

Larry & Juanita Matthews are the co-founders of Springs of Hope Grief-Care Center. The center was established in January of 2009. It was designed with the goal of bringing hope to people who are hurting.

After years of walking through our own painful journey of grief, Springs of Hope Grief-Care Center was born. It was May of 1992 that we received the devastating news that our oldest son and his three children were all dead! Kevin Sr., Khareema, Nyomi, and Kevin Jr. all dead! They were senselessly murdered on Mother’s Day. Needless to say, this changed our lives completely.

We have traveled a long and difficult road of tragedy and brokenness. Yet, in the midst of our “Valley of Grief”, we have experienced the healing process of God’s love to mend our broken hearts. Out of the depths of our own painful journey, God has caused us to triumph through our tragedy! Springs of Hope Grief-Care Center is our way of reaching out to help others whose hearts are broken.

We understand the unique pain of losing a child, and grandchildren; we are intimately acquainted with grief. We desire to “Make a Difference” by reaching out to help others. Consequently, to others who find themselves in the midst of the “Valley of Grief”, we want to say: “There is hope for you.” We are here to help.

As a faith-based organization, we honor God and His power to sustain hurting people through tough times and difficult days. Therefore, we share Biblical principles and a genuine faith in God that healing and restoration may be experienced by those seeking after it.

“We understand the unique pain of losing a child and grandchildren; we are intimately acquainted with grief.”

— Larry and Juanita Matthews